An orange we­at­her warning is in effect for tomor­row, Fri­day, in all parts of Iceland. Meteorologists expect it to turn red. It would be only the second time the Icelandic Met Office has issued such a warning. There will be se­vere dis­rup­tion to tran­sporta­tion and peop­le are advised to stay indoors and not tra­vel. RÚV reported this first.

Icelandair has al­rea­dy cancelled most of its flight from out of the coun­try and ot­her cancella­tions are likely. Air Iceland Connect and Ernir have ann­ounced cancella­tions of all do­mestic flights tomor­row.

Wind will start to strengt­hen tonight and grow stron­ger as the night goes on. By the ear­ly hours of Fri­day, the ea­ster­ly wind will be gale force, even app­roaching hurri­ca­ne force in parts of sout­hern Iceland.

The winds will be accompani­ed by hea­vy snow­fall as well as sleet tomor­row morning, especially in south and east. As the day prog­resses, the winds will swing to the south, and snow­fall will become rain in lowland areas in South Iceland. Sleet will continu­e to fall in the north.

By tomor­row e­vening the we­at­her will start to improve. By midnight the winds should have passed. Do not attempt to dri­ve outsi­de of urban areas tomor­row. Secure loose out­door items and stay insi­de if possi­ble.

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