Icelandic officials have reported the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the country. An Icelandic man in his forties is currently in isolation at Landspítali hospital after testing positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The man is not seriously ill but shows typical symptoms of the virus such as couching aches, fever, and coughing. The Directorate of Health announced that the man had tested positive at 13:00 GMT local time.

Infected in Italy

The man had recently returned from northern Italy where he is said to have been on a ski trip with his family. The man was traveling outside the area considered especially dangerous for catching the virus.

The man’s movements between Italy and the hospital are now under investigation in order to determine possible transmission paths. The man’s family have been tested and are currently undergoing quarantine.

Basic hygiene of the utmost importance

The national police and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management have activated the level of civil protection and issued an FAQ on how to best prevent catching COVID-19.

Advise include hand washing, sanitizing and avoiding close contact with people who show symptoms of the virus.

No travel bans have been issued although the Directorate of Health have advised against unnecessary travels to Northern-Italy, China and South-Korea. Those who have traveled to affected areas in the past 14 days, or have been in contact with individuals who have, are advised to contact [email protected] or call +354 544 4113.